About Me

My name is Daniel Gagnon and I purchased my Rahway home in 2015. I have loved living in the city since I moved in. It has been only recently that the issues with creek overflowing have come to light. When walking the creek after the first overflow event, I was absolutely disgusted with the condition the waterway was in. This creek flows to the Rahway and eventually Hudson Rivers. The water is polluted and the lack of concern for the waterway is a safety concern for all home owners in the area.

I thought by emailing the city leaders that the issue with this creek would be resolved. Instead, all I’ve gotten is excuses. It took city leaders over 20 days to send somebody to walk the creek with me. I now realize that the City of Rahway is looking to sweep their mismanagement and incompetence under the rug. The failure of the city to take care of this waterway needs to be brought to light.

The only way to bring about change to problems like this is to get together with the community and demand change. One person cannot change the actions of many. Please spread the word to as many people as possible. I am hoping that everyone reading this page will share this site on social media, sign the petition, and attend the next city council meeting.